quality policy

The adoption of a system of quality management is a strategic choice of NEWARK ENGINEERING SRL

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The adoption of a system of quality management is a strategic choice of NEWARK ENGINEERING S.R.L.

“Quality of the project” represents a staple in the philosophy of NEWARK ENGINEERING S.R.L.

It is implemented with measurable objectives, in terms of quality, related to an efficient architectural-engineering outcome, related to a high level of research, expert analysis and project management, combined with the full realization of the work according to specific demands and needs of the customer.

Our QUALITY POLICY, with continual reference to new technologies in compliance with regulations, necessary to pursue the continuous improvement of the services offered and thus the satisfaction of the Customer, can be summarized in the following company targets:

  • Increasing our levels in technical and professional training to improve the quality of the architecture and engineering services;
  • Defining procedures for implementing and developing services through interactive processes of discussion and sharing with the Customer and through the participation of various intellectual and technical skills that the study has;
  • Taking care of satisfaction of our employees, associates and partners;
  • Providing in strategic services from Suppliers, external Collaborators and Partners who have the skill to meet the best quality;
  • Providing systematic actions to ensure that suppliers, external collaborators and Partners shall apply the appropriate measures to comply with the laws, rules and regulations in force and binding;
  • Monitoring and analysis of data arising from our Quality System and then the services provided;
  • Managing, controlling and maintaining hardware and software equipment to ensure continuous technological improvement and to deliver services to optimize professional performance, in line with the technical and economic availability;
  • Systematically monitoring the degree of satisfaction of the Customer;

Introducing and maintaining all necessary steps to ensure that our activities (services) meet the requirements of the law, rules and regulations especially in architecture and engineering, safety and the environment.

San Salvo, 27/11/2014